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 Welcome to the web site of Roberto Grilli

Fine Art Photography



Roberto Grilli was born in  Czechoslovakia to a family of mix nationalities, his mother being Hungarian and his father of Italian descent and he came to Ireland eight years ago.

Roberto loves to take landscape photos of trees, clouds, waves on the sea and waterfalls, but he is fascinated, above all, by the sun. Sunsets and sunrises are his favorite photographic topics.
He likes taking colour pictures, but he always comes back to black and white photographs.
His abstract photos are based on the details of the nature and try to put some feelings into them. With added effects he tries to do not destroy the basic image, the nature.
He is trying to go for simplicity in his pictures to show the nature / objects in simple way and with light effects.

Big influence in his work is Slovakia. The countryside of this small but beautiful country  taught him how to look and what to see. The colourful forests and plains in spring / autumn time and the mountains in summer / winter showed him all the beauty of the nature. He seen also the negative influence of mankind, the dead rivers and forests. He was involved in environmental photography for years. Tried to show to people the bad things of the heavy industries.

Roberto would like to achieve with his pictures few things:
- to help people more relax in our very fast and stressed life,
- also help to find time and look my photos and realise that lot of nice stuff are around us, in the nature and we should not destroy it.
He would not like to see that our next generation could see the beauty of our world only from pictures.

His latest exhibitions include:

 -6th Annual Photography Fundraiser of Stivers School for the Arts / USA
- Gallery of de Valera Library / Ennis, Ireland
- Artrom Gallery / Rome
- Belltable Art Centre / Limerick, Ireland
(opened by HE Jan Gabor - ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Ireland)
- Agora Gallery / New York

The latest awards:

- The best Art Photography from IPPA

- Award of Excellence from IPPA

- Diamond, Gold and Silver Awards from IPPA

- Gold and Siver Awards SWPP & BPPA

- Top Ten Photography 2007 - Artrom Gallery / Rome

- Diploma of Excellence for “Way through” - Artoteque / London


Latest critic from David Genovesi, director of Artrom Gallery / Rome:

"Viewing the photographic images on the web site of Roberto Grilli demonstrates that, despite the evolutions of current digital technology, the value of the "eye" of the photographer is the critical factor when viewing the results.
By "eye", I refer to the ability to compose, to recognize color quality, to capture perspectives, to identify light conditions and shadows, to crop that particular slice of Nature at that particular instant of time, to single out an angle that best presents the subject matter - the ability to choose and seize the instant when all these things come together. It is not enough just to be there with a camera. It is much more. Grilli not only brings the eye of the photographer, he also brings the deep passion and sensitivity for his chosen profession. All of this coupled with the experience gained through years of intense exploration and research make Grilli deserving of the title artist/photographer, whether he wants it or not.
He is willing to put himself in Nature and document a marvelous and impeccable world that is disappearing - that resonates in the viewer.
The web site makes all of this clearly evident. Here you will find no tricks. This is the work of the "eye". The award-winning photographer's profound appreciation and intense respect for Nature is transmitted through his photographs. An essence and a sense of space is instilled into his photographs that is palpable, that the viewer feels.
The photos taken at Lahinch in Ireland for example, make the viewer want to be there - at that place - at that moment. The experience is almost being there. In "Lahinch 1", the span is clear from the viewer's footsteps to the vast and limitless horizon, one almost smells the sea air. The incredible graphic movement of the clouds in a diagonal direction and the surfboard shadow in another, belies the sense of calm that is perceived. The darkness of the surfboard against the reflection of the sun in the center of the picture vies for attention with the awesome sky.
In the sepia-toned photograph "Sunset and Clouds" from the series of the majestic cliffs of Moher, the horizon is again unlimited and the sliver of earth at the bottom right of the image is just enough to place the viewer on the cliffs with the artist, looking out and admiring the velvet-textured sea as it meets the rocks. Grilli never leaves the viewer out of the photograph.
The immense beauty of Ireland is primarily his subject but he goes beyond just documenting a pretty place.
In much of his work, he produces an overall effect that is a welcoming, quiet and tranquil stillness. A momentary glimpse into another reality, not an imagined or fabricated reality, but a reality that actually existed.
Grilli's photographs are hopeful, optimistic, positive, with the sincere desire to make you witness to the stunning, at times breathtaking wonders of Nature.
This uncompromising desire to share what he sees is another aspect that sets him apart. His stunning photographs are a search for the perfection of Nature as it is - in its varied unpredictability."

David Genovesi
ARTROM Gallery Director